Hero of the Week

thanksThis morning I was treated to an encounter with a special kind of person.

The kind of person we would want there to be more of in our world and that we should all try to be, at some stage in our lives.

At 330am I loaded the kids into the car to drive hubby to the airport.

At 4.20 we dropped him off and at 4.24 I realised we had no fuel to get home.

At the end of this 2 week shift, my husband flys straight out from work to meet the rest of us in NZ for our family holiday.
Between making sure he had everything he needed for his time at work & the upcoming trip, he neglected to inform me we needed fuel & I neglected to bring my wallet.

My only option was going to be to use the nab-pay feature on my phone which had only ever successfully worked for me once before. So, I was hoping to get lucky.

I pulled into the service station around 5am with 0km left on the clock. I went in to buy the kids a juice and work out if my nab-pay was going to play ball.
It didnt.

I couldnt pay for the juice and I wasnt going to be able to pay for any fuel.

At 5am who was I going to call for help?

After explaining the situation to the attendant, apologising & apprehensively deciding to call my brother in law, she told me to go park at the pump & she’d put in $10 to get us home.

There were tears on the forecourt.

She pulled out her own eftpos card & I got home in time to get the kids back to bed for a little more shuteye before school.

To our savior at the southbound BP on the Kwinana Freeway (I wont name you in public but you know who you are) – thank you for helping me out this morning. Thanks for being my silver lining & for the opportunity to go out and pay it forward.
People like you make the world go round.

You didn’t know anything about me other than I needed help & you filled that need without question or expectation.

You’re a really good person.

You are my hero of the week.

In light of this experience, I will be introducing; Thankful Thursday where each week I will share a story of gratitude & appreciation that we can all reflect on.

If you have a story or an idea, please send it in so I can share the blessings

P.s May none of you ever find yourselves without a wallet when your fuel light comes on

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