Hero of The Week


“Much like my other children, he can be a real pain in my ass.
And just like my other children, I really fucking love him.”

Not long after we first moved to Perth, I found a snake in the bathroom. It was right next to the toilet slithering away under our vanity unit, centimeters away from my foot. I only saw it after I sat down, but i didn’t fuck around with pulling my pants back up before bolting for the door while warning my friend on the other side of it about the snake in the bathroom and my now pants-less state.  After a lot of dramatics –  the yellow-bellied whip tail eventually made its way outside and was under the outdoor furniture hissing at our dog while we waited for a snake wrangler.

When I went to step through the sliding door to pull our dog away, he instead came bounding over to me, jumped up and pushed me back inside. He did that three times, he wouldn’t let me out.

A week later I found out I was pregnant with Abel #puppyintuition


Our dog is the best.
He’s a 5 year old Blue Heeler X named Flax and we bought him here with us from NZ.
He’s my middle child

I picked him up from a farm in Inangahua at 8 weeks old and loved him every day since.

And yesterday I lost him for a while.

He took himself on an adventure after the gate was left open and when I realised he was gone I shit bricks.

Like, my heart dropped to my feet and I nearly called emergency services.

It was right on school drop off time so there were lunatics everywhere and he’s not good with roads.
I was in full sweaty-palmed panic mode kind of like when your phones on silent and you cant find it except it was way worse than that.

I spent 2 hours looking for him before going home to get some pictures and ask the entire world for help.
My family, you guys, the government, my dentist – everyone.

I cried into my coffee. I called and woke my husband up to tell him our dog was missing.

I felt sick.

Then my neighbour phoned and said she had him, just down the road. I ran out of my front door towards a happy reunion like a scene out of homeward bound.
That jerk had somehow got himself into the golf course and couldn’t get out again. He was just as glad to be home as I was to have him back.
I told him off and cuddled him simultaneously.

Much like my other children, he can be a real pain in my ass.
And just like my other children, I really fucking love him.


Our other dog is Floki. She’s a 2 year old “same breed mix” as Flax but i suspect we might have been misinformed on that one.

We got her as a friend for him.
Much like her namesake from Vikings she’s loyal, would never leave us and is flat-out fucking crackers.
Shes kind of like the unhinged daughter-in-law you love because you have to because she makes ya boy happy.

But she also makes a great cuddle buddy and never lets my kids out of her sight. At all times she knows where we all are and if Abel wanders off, she’s straight after him.

She would fight to protect my boys just like I would.

Id be a bit lost without these guys.

They’re my heroes all the time.

Family complete ✔ #thankfulThursday

❤ #furbabies ❤

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