Brownes Dairy Minis – Not just for kids.

Its 8.21pm.

The kids are in bed and I need that “something” that parents need when the kids FINALLY go down.

That little reward you give yourself after a long day of answering questions and repeating yourself.

I had chocolate in the fridge but it appears to have been demolished by my 9 year old which was a pretty terrible move on his part considering I’m in charge of the Christmas list.

So I’m scrounging through the fridge, hoping something will jump out at me and as luck would have it, I spy a lone yoghurt pouch hiding behind the cheese.

We had a stash and I thought they had all been demolished when we moved house last week (I handed them out like tic tacs) so this is a lucky find.


To be honest, I’m not big on packaged food. I rarely buy bags of chips or many things in a wrapper mainly because; sugar. So much hidden sugar. And I’m not one of “those mums” – I just prefer things honest, as they say they are and not pretending to be something they’re not.

I prefer to know my kids sugar intake is coming from the chocolate cake I gave them for breakfast, and not from something I perceived to be a “healthy snack”.

So why yoghurt pouches?

Firstly, they’re convenient AF.

Late getting out the door in the morning? Yoghurt pouch.

Preschooler pitching a fit while you’re trying to watch your older kids Saturday morning  sport? Yoghurt pouch.

Trying to pack up and move an entire house while your husband is away at work with two kids under your feet who are being less than helpful and demand round the clock feeding?  Yoghurt pouch.

You get it.

So why Brownes dairy yoghurt pouches in particular? Because this is actually a healthy snack.

I’m a brownes dairy fan. I always buy their larger tubs of yoghurt to use for brekkie and in my smoothies because their yoghurt is actually so good. So when they bought out brownes dairy minis, I hurrah-ed. In western Australia, having something you can freeze and throw in your kids lunchbox that they can actually eat is ideal.

Firstly, Brownes dairy is locally produced here in WA, so I like to support the community that’s supporting me. We should all strive to do that.

Secondly (and this is a biggy) sugar. I’ll admit I was hesitant when I tried them because traditionally, pouches are overly sweet. These ones aren’t. This is what makes them enjoyable to me as well.  The strawberry ones taste like actual strawberries and not strawberry “flavour” and as the 9 year old observed they were “bitsy” because there’s actual fruit in them. Mr 3 was really into the Vanilla bean because it tastes like actual vanilla bean. Actually, Mr 3 was really into all 5 flavours. If I stop buying them there’s a good chance he will start refusing his daytime nap in protest and that’s not a risk I’m willing to take.


I also checked out the ingredients list and there was nothing I didn’t recognise which is a pretty good sign because there’s usually a lot of things I don’t recognise.

So yes, while they are great for the kids, they’re also great for me in that they make my life that little bit easier. They’re also great for me in that I also really like them too.

AND Fyi – all you vegetarians and “gluten intolerant” mums out there – Brownes dairy yoghurts are gelatine and gluten free. So you can guilt free with these bad boys. Just saying.

So in summary – this is a good review because this is a good product. Simple.

Available at IGA and woollies!

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