About me


Hi. I’m Julia. I’m an Aquarius who likes long walks on the beach with my children while we pick up other peoples rubbish and they protest loudly because all they want to do is play Fortnite and maybe I allow them too much screen time I dunno, probably.

I balance life between family, work & friends with no balance at all actually. There is no secret – i’m constantly juggling and forever sleep deprived.

A wine enthusiast, Caffeine devotee, anxious driver & doughnut aficionado; I am a speaker of nonsense and writer of occasional relevance. 

I don’t like single use plastic or running. I do like reiki and modern medicine.

I have been blogging for over two years now and am frequently suffering an existential crisis of some sort.

I write passionately and speak publicly about parenting and mental health.

I do yoga but not well.

I’m not a great cook but I give it a good go.

Originally hailing from Motueka, New Zealand & now willing to suffer through the West Australian summers so I can be a stay at home hero & write about it while my husband works away, mining this earth i’m trying to save  *cue existential crisis*

Not perfect but pretty happy when i’m eating right and taking my medication.

Interests include normalising parenting, sharing stories & saving the world.